Bussink Design sets new World Record with R80 XL!

Bussink Design has finalized the installation of the largest transportable Giant Observation Wheel  worldwide! Bussink Design, based in Switzerland, is responsible for the design, engineering and construction of the Wheel. The manufacturing was executed by Maurer German Wheels from Munich under an exclusive license in Europe.

The brand new, state‐of‐the‐art Observation Wheel (type: R80XL SP), reached its highest point of approximately 80 meters just before Christmas. It was a wonderful Christmas gift to the city of Munich in Germany, where the special LED‐lighting (500.000 (!) in‐house designed and manufactured power LED’s) could be seen from all over the city.

The R80XL Giant Observation Wheel will be manufactured in two different versions. A stationary semi‐transportable version, the R80XL SV, intended for locations where the R80XL can be installed as a more permanent or long term installation. The second model, the R80XL SP is the fully‐ transportable version that comes with its own compact base frame which supports the whole structure (30 x 35 meters dimension). This version is intended for operators that plan to move the R80XL around. Transportation of the complete R80XL SP takes approximately 60 specially adapted standard ISO containers. 

For both versions two different cabin packages are offered: 54 x 8‐passengercabins in different seating configurations (face‐to‐face, back‐to‐back, cocktail, dinner or VIP), or 27 x 16‐passenger cabins, also available in the different configurations. All cabins are designed and manufactured by CWA, the well‐established ‘people‐mover’ company from Switzerland.

Other partners working on the R80XL together with Bussink Design and Maurer German Wheels are Siemens Germany who provide the complete state‐of‐the‐art Drive and Control system and R&S Dynamics AG from Vaduz, Liechtenstein for the engineering. The design review in accordance with German building codes for transportable installations was successfully carried out and unconditionally approved by TÜV Nord from Essen, Germany. The final acceptance test will be carried out and conducted by TÜV Süd in Munich. Western European materials and suppliers from the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, France and Liechtenstein were carefully selected for this project.

The total development for the R80XL took over 30 years of experience and 5 years of intensive design and engineering works alone by a team of highly skilled and trained engineers. With this construction a new peerless standard has been developed without compromises in construction, safety and quality. Quality Control of the manufacturing and installation process was permanently supervised and monitored by BISSWISS AG from Switzerland, guaranteeing a product of the highest quality ever seen in our industry. 

Customers for both the R80XL SV and the R80XL SP have already signed up for delivery in the first half of 2013. An additional two R80XL wheels are already in production at Maurer German Wheels for delivery in late 2013 and early 2014. 

The R80XL SV US version will be manufactured under an exclusive license by Chance American Wheels based in Wichita, Kansas, U.S.A. and will be ready for delivery by the beginning of 2014. Friday January 11, 2013 members of the press and media will be invited by Maurer German Wheels and Bussink Design to experience the R80XL first hand. Various team members will be available for interviews, including Ronald Bussink, the creative mind behind the R80XL. For accreditation please contact: pr@r80xl.com for more details. 

Customers interested in the Bussink Design R80XL product line can contact our Personal Liaison Manager Jeroen Nijpels at plm@R80xl.com or by phone at +352‐691‐369093